The Heist Map

If you are looking for a new thing to play with that doesn’t provide you some non-sense stuff which you really want to have fun with it as you have been bored of the same old content of the game Minecraft. So, today I have a pretty new map called The Heist Map which will really bring you some fun and challenge and you might need to use a bit of your brain to figure some of the situations out!

The Heist Map

The Heist Map

The Heist Map

The Heist Map is a map that might really remind you of Payday, so you know what it’s like now? It seems to be pretty much like playing through a round of Payday. This map could be called adventure map as it provides you the content about player or you who tries to avoid security systems like cameras, guard robots, lasers, sonar detectors which pick up sound and other nasty surprises etc. You are going to do that because your mission is to steal the highly valuable prototypes from a really high security underground research facility. You will also be Gameband which will give you various functions like you are able to hack numpads and consoles or using x-ray to see through walls. You can even temporarily disable the security robots or shut down security systems. That’s for all the things given in this map. Moreover, only the features won’t really satisfy you. You’d better take a look more from the pictures above to see how awesome and wonderful this map was created. Everything looks so awesome even without any shader, mod and resource pack.

If you are a fan of the game that feature sneaking, slinking around and stealing something silently without anybody could even catch you. This The Heist Map is for you and I’m pretty sure that you’re going to love it.

The Heist Map Main Features

  • So many languages supported which will automatically be changed when you change Minecraft in-game language
  • This map is just an adventure map related to Payday, maybe

The Heist Map Pros and Cons


  • There are about 14 languages supported
  • So many challenges available for you to enjoy with
  • It might remind you of the game Payday as well


  • This map should be run in 1.9,1.8.9,1.8.8 version only without any mod installed, even Optifine too
  • It might be too hard for those who don’t have any common sense 😛

How to install The Heist Map

  1. Download The Heist Map with the latest version
  2. Search for %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  3. Put the downloaded file into the saves folder
  4. Start the game
  5. Go to Load Game
  6. Select the new map and have fun
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