The Spawner Survival Map

Everything seems to be extremely easy when you’ve mastered it all in the world of Minecraft. There is no challenge for you to dare anymore. But, you still get a chance to find that challenge within the brand new survival map named The Spawner Survival Map. Don’t you dare think that this map is going to be easy like those other island survivals or even the skyblocks. Because this one is much better in term of providing you guys the real challenge about survival.

The Spawner Survival Map

The Spawner Survival Map is actually a survival map that is based on the skyblock because when you start playing this map, you will be spawned above into the sky with only one layer of grass block provided with a huge tree. However, if that’s that the case, it means that you have no chance of finding any valuable ores right? Do not worry about that because when you start the map, you will see the NPC named Starter. He’s the one you can exchange most of the necessary items that you need to use to survive and to complete all the quests.

More than that, there is actually a zombie pigman spawner below your platform which you have to find the way to build something down there as you won’t be able to get to them. Probably because once they’re spawned, they will automatically fall down to the void as there is no any single block below there. I would like to give a tip for you though, all you have to do is to let yourself fall down to death, but once you do that be sure you are able to place just a single block down below the grass block and keep doing that until you get to build the structure of the platform for the zombie pigman to spawn properly. Then, start farming them for some gold and items and exchange with the Starter.

Step by step, you will have to kill a lot of zombies to get a carrots, then kill zombie-pigman to get gold, then cure two zombies and make a villager farm. Once you have enough rotten flesh and gold from those zombies, just trade them all. The next step is to go into the nether and farm for wither skull at least 3 of them. Spawn the Wither boss and kill it to craft beacon. Totally, that’s all you have to do in this The Spawner Survival Map and I hope you eventually make it in no time if you are the experienced one.

The Spawner Survival Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the survival maps
  • Long gameplay with the advanced Minecraft skills required map

The Spawner Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • The way to play in this map is really different from any other survival maps and as it has a pretty long journey of the play time, you will enjoy the endless fun
  • There are the missions that you have to do as quests as well like what I mentioned above, try to finish them all to finish this endless game with challenges


  • This is a really long gameplay map which requires you to have such skills of advanced Minecraft to survive, so in some parts you might find it really difficult
  • It’s going to be a little bit confusing at first, but when you use to it, it becomes easier

How to install The Spawner Survival Map

  1. Download The Spawner Survival Map from the link download below with the most compatible version by checking yours
  2. Go to %appdata%
  3. Look for .minecraft folder and open in
  4. Find saves folder and head into it
  5. Drop the downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. Have fun surviving the new world
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