The War of the Archers Map

Sometimes, we need to do something else rather than keep farming and building the house. Most of the time, people usually do it that way in the world of Minecraft which make most people quit the game though. Because it’s boring! Why don’t people just find something that they actually enjoy playing with and associate with other people? To socialize and have fun together might be what most people actually need. Anyways, this The War of the Archers Map might help you to do so.

The War of the Archers Map

The War of the Archers Map

The War of the Archers Map

The War of the Archers Map is a map made by DiBlock, so all credits to the team. To begin with, this map is basically just a mini-game added for you to enjoy and have fun with which can be a tool to help killing time. All the builds or the stages in this map will be created inside the dome of glass protecting both from inside and outside. Moreover, when you see this kind of map, you might feel like or just remind you that it’s some kind of game that you have played it before. Actually, it’s a little bit like the tower defense, but this time we do it in Minecraft world. It’s going to be 2 sides which you have to fight each other’s from the tower or the bunker like those stone blocks. However, as its name is the war of the archers, the only weapon you get to use in this map is the bow and arrow for 100%. Let’s see who will be the last one standing and deserve to be called Robin Hood!

If you are boring and finding some interesting map like this mini-game provided by this The War of the Archers Map. Be sure to check it out. Even though this map doesn’t provide you that much of adventure stuff, but loads of fun will be given for sure as you can just apply this map to your server and let people fight, the one who win or live lastly will be awarded, that’s what make people happy.

The War of the Archers Map Main Features

  • This map is just a custom map that works pretty much like an archer arena
  • You can use only bow and arrow to fight against people here in this arena

The War of the Archers Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is completely done, so there will be no bugs or anything occurring the problem during the play
  • It’s amazingly fun if your people in your server enjoy to do so
  • This will also lighten up your world and make people socialize to each other


  • The arena should be a little bit bigger because when there are many players in this arena, it’s quite a mess that people don’t really show skills at all
  • This is just a mini-game added to enjoy once in a time which it will get boring for sure if you keep playing with it every single day

How to install The War of the Archers Map

  1. Download The War of the Archers Map
  2. Go to %appdata%
  3. Open .minecraft
  4. Head into saves folder
  5. Place the downloaded new map in here
  6. Start the game, select new map
  7. Sit back, relax, and have fun!
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