Titanic Survival Iceberg Map

Have you ever watched the Titanic? It’s the gigantic and popular ship that crashed during going through the iceberg. Come on, most of you guys have probably watched this awesome movie. So, that I’d like to present you guys today is the map based on the situation in that movie called Titanic Survival Iceberg Map

Titanic Survival Iceberg Map

Titanic Survival Iceberg Map

Titanic Survival Iceberg Map

Titanic Survival Iceberg Map is a cool map that simulate the situation of the titanic after the crash. According to the plot story, you went into this Titanic with your friends as first class and important passengers, but unfortunately, it hit the iceberg and everything became worse. You are so lucky that you woke up when the freezing water just started pouring into your room. As a result, you hurried to get out of here and you luckily found the exit, used the life-boat and that is when your survival started. You really need to read and follow all the instructions and objectives provided to finish all the achievements. If you follow it correctly, there will be a rescue ship arrived to help you out and that’s when you finish the map. You really need to bring out all your survival skills to survive on the iceberg and there is limited food and resources, you are going to find them somewhere else. It’s going to be intense when you really need to survive on the iceberg.

You are going to be fine if you follow all the objectives and instructions respectively. This survival Titanic Survival Iceberg Map will give you tons of amusement which you can’t it anywhere else with this awesome situation simulated. Hope you guys have fun.

Titanic Survival Iceberg Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the situation of the titanic crashed the Iceberg
  • There is mostly everything you need for beginning on the Iceberg, but due to its limited resources, you are going to find them somewhere else
  • Follow the instructions in-game correctly will help you to finish the map

Titanic Survival Iceberg Map Pros and Cons


  • It’s challenging that if you dive into the water, it will kill you because the water are freezing
  • The scale of the Titanic is 1:1, so you can expect to see some enormous which is also identical to the original one


  • On the iceberg, the resources are limited, it’s going to be pretty tough if you don’t go find resources somewhere else
  • Some of the rules are pretty strict like you should not return to Titanic after you leave or don’t break any block on the Titanic
  • If you are going to explore everything on the Titanic, you might be disappointed because some of the interior of it still a work in progress

How to install Titanic Survival Iceberg Map

  1. Download Titanic Survival Iceberg Map by clicking in the link download below
  2. In the link download, there are many version, just select only one that you is the version you’d like to play with as well as the same version of your Minecraft
  3. Search for %appdata% and open in
  4. Head into .minecraft folder
  5. Look for saves and drop the downloaded file here
  6. Done, select the new map in game and have fun!
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