TolkienCraft II Draconis Map

Today, I would like to suggest you guys to have a look at the new map called TolkienCraft II Draconis Map. As you can see the title of the map, does that reflect you something? Something that you might be familiar with like the other version of this map. This one is like a new update or just a new modpack that really need to be installed.

TolkienCraft II Draconis Map

TolkienCraft II Draconis Map

TolkienCraft II Draconis Map is a pretty cool mod which is also a modpack that if you would like to take full advantage of the features of this modpack or map series, you are going to need this one installed. For the background story of this map, most of you would be familiar with because it could be based on the famous movie which is about the battle for the ring in the middle age in Lord of the Ring or Hobbits. All you will see will definitely remind you of that movie for sure but in the view of Minecraft. Even if everything will look like square, but still everything built in this map like the cities including of WYVERNHAVEN, DRAGONBURG, DRACONIS, HOBBITON, BRANDYWINE Bridge, LOTHLORIEN, EREBOR, DALE, ESGAROTH, MINAS TIRITH, EDORAS, ISENGARD, THE BLACK GATES, MINAS MORGUL, SHELOB’S LAIR, CIRITH UNGOL, BARAD DUR and MOUNT DOOM. These are all the places that you will see in this map which you can run the story by yourself and enjoy the line provided. Moreover, if you would like to play with the absolute features given by this mod, you are going to need tons of mod to install to your game first.

This TolkienCraft II Draconis Map is really the most amazing and my favorite map for me by far. Not only the contents and details of the map are amazing, but also it’s something that you can enjoy for week even if you play it all day. This is what I want the map that won’t be ended easily within 30 minutes or whatever, hope you have fun anyways.

TolkienCraft II Draconis Map Main Features

  • This is an adventure map
  • The details and contents will be quite like the series movie called Lord of the Ring

TolkienCraft II Draconis Map Pros and Cons


  • Most of everything that you see in this map will truly bring you to the world with medieval style and those background story of this map is freaking suit to all the atmosphere and feeling provided by this map


  • The map is too freaking big, if you wish to travel town to town, it’s going to take sometimes though
  • This map requires you to download and install way too many mods

How to install TolkienCraft II Draconis Map

  1. Download TolkienCraft II Draconis Map from the link download given below
  2. Navigate to your Minecraft directory which should be %appdata%/.minecraft/
  3. Look for saves folder
  4. Simply put the downloaded file into the saves folder without extracting or unzip the file
  5. Have fun!
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