Have you ever seen the map Tower jump before? If you haven’t, let me suggest you guys about it. This is a map which allow you to race with you friends like a free running and also allow you guys to have different feeling of playing Minecraft. This map was a success, but it does not mean that I come today to present this map to you guys. This is because, I really want to introduce the next episode of it called TOWER JUMP 2 Map.


TOWER JUMP 2 Mapis a map which made by the map’s creator name DONUTLOVER69. This map is quite different from another map. This is because, you don’t need to build your own houses, planting the trees or keeping your life alive from monsters. You guys just need to run to compete with your friends, just that. Only run? Yes, of course because this map is only about the speed, if you run faster than anyone that mean you are the winner! Moreover, this map also provides you guys some item boosters for you to take it during the running paths including Green Blocks which will give you a jumping boosted, blue blocks will give you the ability to run faster than default and etc. It sounds interesting? Are you ready to be a free runner?

This amazing map is proper for the players who love speed, try to think that how cool is it when you can play your favorite game with your favorite sport at the same time? So, if you want to try something great, be sure to try this TOWER JUMP 2 Mapout! Finally, the highest score of this map is 313 seconds, are you crazy enough to beat it!?

TOWER JUMP 2 Map Main Features

  • This is a racing map which make you enjoy playing game more
  • It is a short map which won’t take times to achieve it
  • This map is based on running and jumping

TOWER JUMP 2 Map Pros and Cons


  • You can compete with your friends to find the winner of this map
  • Loads of fun
  • You guys also gain different experience of playing Minecraft
  • Using a little time for playing this map, it’s proper for players who have no times to play game
  • Making you feel like a Free runner


  • Nothing else, only running and jumping
  • You need to play in gamemode2 and also use the texture pack provided in .zip folder

How to install TOWER JUMP 2 Map

  1. Download TOWER JUMP 2 Map by clicking in the link download provided
  2. When you are in a download page, just select and download only one version that is the most similar to your game
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Head to .minecraft
  5. Look for saves folder
  6. Drop the downloaded file into the saves folder
  7. Start the game, select the new map from the load save menu
  8. Play game, and run!!
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