Unreachable 2 Map

Are you on vacation in the world of Minecraft? If that’s true I bet that you won’t build yourself an amusement park or beach right lol? Anyways, looking for an easy vacation to take a break from the game with the new interesting puzzle map would be a good idea? What do you think? If you are a little interested, still you will probably enjoy this new map called Unreachable 2 Map.

Unreachable 2 Map

Unreachable 2 Map is the map that made by Brenden_MC. You will be unreachable not to yourself but the goal of the stages provided in this map. First of all, there are currently 7 stages given to you which each stage you beat it, the next one you face will be more difficult. Some of you might know already that this is the sequel to Unreachable Map. So, if you enjoyed that one, so does this one. These maps are what we call it brand new as the contents and mechanics used are different from any other maps out there. First of all, you don’t really need to only jump and run from block to block because the main objective is to solve the puzzles. To solve the puzzles in this map, you need to place or build the block. Building until you see the goal is reachable.

This Unreachable 2 Map is the map that will give you the amusement that you have never seen before. Moreover, if you are those who are bad at parkour and I mean that both for running and jumping. This is the map that you don’t really need to use those skills of yours that much to beat it. So, it will be appropriate for every kind of players.

Unreachable 2 Map Main Features

  • This map is based on puzzle maps
  • There are 7 levels or stages provided
  • This is the sequel to Unreachable
  • Build to solve based puzzle map

Unreachable 2 Map Pros and Cons


  • It’s not like the map that you need to go somewhere to find something, but you need to use your brain to build because that’s the way to solve. This is a huge different part of this map that make it very fun to play with
  • Only 1 stage is challenging enough, but here you’ve got 7 in total to enjoy with, each stage is brand new level, so it will not look the same at all both the overall environment and the puzzle that you need to solve


  • This map should be played with single-player only
  • This map needs Minecraft version 1.8.9 or above to play without any problem

How to install Unreachable 2 Map

  1. Download Unreachable 2 Map with the latest version or the most compatible version from the link download highlighted given below
  2. Browse to %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Look for saves folder and head into it
  4. Place the downloaded new map into this folder
  5. All done, select the new map to play in-game
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