War of Kingdom Map

Are you looking for an adventure map that you don’t really have to solo it again anymore? If you are, I have quite a new adventure map called War of Kingdom Map. Not sure if by the titles of this map attract you or not, but anyways, let’s have a look of some pictures below. That would be a lot better in helping you make the decision.

War of Kingdom Map

War of Kingdom Map

War of Kingdom Map is the adventure map that allows players to enjoy with their friends. First of all, playing multi-player would make everything much easier as they can help each other. So, keep in mind that if you are going to solo, that would take longer time to finish. This is based on the medieval style or era that you are about to go for the exams to become knights to your kingdom, but there are so many weird things have happening, but you know nothing about it. That’s when everything started. When you play with this map, you will really feel like the atmosphere brought you to the old age of the world of Minecraft.. It’s going to be a really long adventure because you have so many things to do as well. You don’t have to pay too much attention to follow only the main quest or the storyline because there are some puzzles and parkour parts that you could enjoy it. Moreover, there are a bunch of boss battles which most of you may like it as they are all customized summon mobs. To finish this map, it would approximately take you around 5-7 hours though. In addition, please follow the rules to enjoy the finest fun given by this map and you are supposed not to break any blocks unless it tells you to do.

This would be cool and a lot of fun playing with friends. It’s going to be a pretty long adventure for you guys with this new map War of Kingdom Map. With the tons of redstone and command blocks, everything must be epic! Can’t wait until you guys try it out!

War of Kingdom Map Main Features

  • This is truly an adventure map with a pretty simple storyline based on the medieval style and era
  • This map is a multi-player map between 2-4 people, solo is possible as well
  • Tons of redstone and command blocks which all are simple

War of Kingdom Map Pros and Cons


  • It will be much easier if you have friends adventuring with you in this map
  • There are everything you need to challenge in this map including of adventure, survival, puzzles, parkour, boss


  • There might be too many redstone and command blocks working behind the scene that might cause some lags
  • This map is still in the development as it’s a keep moving forward kind of map, you need to stay tuned if you enjoy it

How to install War of Kingdom Map

  1. Download War of Kingdom Map 
  2. Navigate yourself into the Minecraft directory
  3. Look for saves folder and open it
  4. Copy the downloaded new map file
  5. Paste it in the saves folder
  6. Start the game
  7. Select new map
  8. Enjoy
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