War of the Death Map

Do you want to try something new in your beloved game Minecraft? If you love to play this game with survival maps. What would you say, if I have one of that for you guys? Now, do you want to know about it right? So, be my guest. Today I would like to introduce this interesting survival map which looks more fun than any other survival maps that you have seen or played before. It’s called War of the Death Map.

War of the Death Map

War of the Death Map is another cool survival map which is made by the developer named REGINALDPUGGINTON. The reasons why that this map become the best because you will have many quests to do and puzzles to solve it. Moreover, there are many bosses provided in this map and you have to defeat all of them. You guys will earn the gold from the quests that you’ve done as a reward and use it to buy the weapons or armors that you like. And may use it to buy some food as well. Do not worry about this game that it may be too hard for you, this is because this map already provided you a checkpoints system which will help you to re-spawn at the last checkpoint. That’s great right? So, you shouldn’t miss to try it.

The overall of this map for me, It is the best of survival maps ever which I have played. You guys will enjoy with the great storyline provided in game. For summary of the storyline, you will be acted as a man who has killed the senator, and his friends come to hit you and take you into the plane. After that, you woke up in the crashed plane in somewhere that look like an old period. Finally, you have to escape from that area and keep your life survive. If it sounds exciting to you, so be sure to try the War of the Death Map out!

War of the Death Map Main Features

  • This map is based on survival maps
  • Tons of weapons and armors added
  • Bosses fight seen added
  • Checkpoints system available
  • Trading system

War of the Death Map Pros and Cons


  • There are many different kinds of weapons and armour available for you to choose it
  • You can use your gold which can be earned from doing the quests to buy fantasy items
  • You guys will enjoy with the fun storyline


  • It might be too hard for those of you who are not good at fighting skill

How to install War of the Death Map

  1. Navigate yourself into the saves folder in the Minecraft directory
  2. Or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Look for saves folder and head into it
  4. Download the War of the Death Map from the link download provided below, scroll down until you see it
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. Done
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