We Are the Rangers Map

Do you have pets? Do you love and want to take care of them? Do you know that in the present some species are already extinct and lot of them are seriously at risk of closing to be extinction? But don’t worry, even though you won’t save them in real life but you can save them from the hunters by playing this map. It’s called We Are the Rangers Map,here is the screenshot and more information below.

We Are the Rangers Map

We Are the Rangers Map

We Are the Rangers Map

We Are the Rangers Map is the map made by the developer named DRAGNOZ. This map is based on the adventure style which provides you a lot of quests for you to do, but it won’t like the old one that you have played for sure! In this map, you will be acted like a ranger who come to this African wildlife place and try to protect and save all animals from the poachers. Moreover, you have to track and defeat them down before they track down the animals. In addition, you will see the new kind of animals which you have never seen in this game before such as elephants, giraffe and even rhinos. Imagine that how cool it would be, if you become the protector of it.

If you would like to have an experience of being in new African wildlife with the limited resources, this We Are the Rangers Map is the map for you. Finally, I would recommend you guys that even if you don’t like to play the adventure maps but you shouldn’t miss to try this special adventure map which can make you feel like a hero! Don’t you want to be though?

We Are the Rangers Map Main Features

  • This kind of map is based on adventure maps
  • Fast travel system provided into this map
  • Poacher or animal hunters added
  • There are several new animals added

We Are the Rangers Map Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun
  • You will know more about how bad of the animal’s extinction problems and how to solve the cause of it
  • You guys will love your pets immediately and also the animals in our world!
  • Enjoying the new and different storyline which provided in the map


  • There is nothing bad about this map except it’s just another adventure map taking place in the new African wildlife with the different plot

How to install We Are the Rangers Map

  1. Navigate yourself into the saves folder in the Minecraft directory
  2. Or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Look for saves folder and head into it
  4. Download the We Are the Rangers Map from the link download provided below, scroll down until you see it
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. Done and enjoy with saving the world of animals!
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