Wither Dodge Map

Looking for a map to play with your friends? Does it need to be something epic or just a simple and plain, but fun? Either way, I don’t care because I already have one to present you guys today and that is the map called Wither Dodge Map. This map will pretty much do exactly like the title says. All you have to do is to dodge the wither’s shooting attack while you running around.

Wither Dodge Map

Wither Dodge Map

Wither Dodge Map

Wither Dodge Map is a very interesting map made by AmericanPiggy. This is the map based on a mini-game where you need to parkour around the platform providing like a skyblock or an island, but it’s not that simple because there is the wither who always shoot at you from many directions, you need to be very careful in order to dodge all of its attack and survive or else you will be hit and finally fall down to death. Playing it alone would be boring easily, so you’d better have your friend who’d like to play with you as well. It’s not really limited about the player’s requirements. So, you can invite as many as you can, maybe if you would like to. Once everyone gathering around, it’s time to start the racing game! Let’s see who will be the fastest and the best at parkour traveling around the platform. There are actually 5 levels and one final level in the challenge mode. But in the dodg mode, it includes of insane, hard and easy difficulty which will be 12 maps and will be more in the future as it’s updated.

If you are feeling bored with your way of living in Minecraft, why not invite your friends to play together with you in this Wither Dodge Map. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Even though, there is nothing special in this map except it uses the mechanic of the boss’s attack and create the mini-game out of this is something very impressive. Trust me, it’s not going to waste your time.

Wither Dodge Map Main Features

  • This is another map based on custom and survival map which you have to dodge the wither attack while you are navigating yourself around platform
  • There are two game modes provided including of challenge mode and dodge mode

Wither Dodge Map Pros and Cons


  • It’s extremely fun and the idea of using the boss wither’s attack for a challenge like this is brilliant
  • If this map is finished, there will be totally over 15 maps to enjoy with and that will actually maximize the potential of this map and it will be even more popular
  • Very challenging
  • Loads of fun with friends


  • Currently, this game is available only for 1.8 Minecraft version
  • You need to install the Wither Dodge Maps as well for the better experience
  • This map is not finished yet as it’s currently in a heavy development

How to install Wither Dodge Map

  1. Look for the download link and enter it
  2. Download Wither Dodge Map only the version that is the same with your game
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  4. Open .minecraft folder and find saves folder
  5. Once you open in saves folder, just drop the downloaded file here
  6. Start the game
  7. Select the new map and enjoy the challenge game!
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