Zelda Battle Arena Map

Another cool map that I would like to present to you guys next is the map called Zelda Battle Arena Map. This map is basically based on the Zelda game on the Nintendo franchise. However, it just implements the theme of Zelda, not overall details of its adventuring stuff. So, what it will be, let’s check it out for more information and some awesome screenshots provided.

Zelda Battle Arena Map

Zelda Battle Arena Map

Zelda Battle Arena Map

Zelda Battle Arena Map is a very cool map made by the developer or map maker named Eastonium. He has come up with a pretty good idea in implementing the mini-game, no actually it’s not a mini-game though. It’s like a heavily fun game providing you guys the arena to go into. Then, battle waves of monsters alongside your friends with loads of fun and challenges. This map is totally inspired and based on the Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise, so as you see the theme and every single thing look pretty much like that game that you have played before for sure like those min-game or add-on game in the WC3. But anyways, this comes in the theme of Minecraft, so every single aspect of gameplay will be uniquely different. Moreover, in each wave you will face different opponents with the randomly generated mobs depending on the players in the arena. Once you finish each wave, you will be awarded or received some rupees or the money and then take your time to go shopping, buy some new weapons and equipment to make you stronger and handle the fight of mobs like a piece of cake.

This Zelda Battle Arena Map provides you such an amazing game. The only bad thing about this is that it’s not finished yet, the concept, the plot and everything currently provided and designed are already awesome and fun to play with. So, if you find this interesting as you can enjoy it with your friends or tons of people who are willing to play with, be sure to check it out!

Zelda Battle Arena Map Main Features

  • This map is inspired by the Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise
  • Earning reward systems from battling foes
  • There are shops where you can use your loot to buy new equipment
  • Randomly generated wave with the dependable number of mobs scaled on how many players are in the arena

Zelda Battle Arena Map Pros and Cons


  • Everything in this map runs entirely on command blocks, so you don’t have to waste your time download and install any mods
  • It reminds you some sort of survival game
  • More players in the arena, more mobs, more challenging, and more fun


  • This map is still a work in progress even if there are so many contents added, but those are like just 10% of all
  • Actually, there is no need for the use of Zelda though because it’s just a like a wave battle that you need to survive, but it’s in the theme of that game

How to install Zelda Battle Arena Map

  1. Navigate yourself into your Minecraft directory or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  2. Open in .minecraft folder
  3. Look for saves folder
  4. Download the map named Zelda Battle Arena Map from the link download below
  5. Copy and paste it to the saves folder
  6. Launch the game
  7. Select the new map or world, and then apply
  8. Have fun
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